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Our Services

We offer best quality architecture solutions. We go beyond standard investigative methods, and with state of the art technologies, to ensure accurate reporting, lower costs, and side-step intrusive testing methods.


Feasibility Study; Pre-Investment Study; Assessment of existing structure; Economic assessment and analysis

Project Management & Supervision

Construction planning and scheduling; Cash flow planning; Quality control; Inspection of work completion and defect liabilities

Design & Documentation

Architecture and Interior Design; Detail drawings with 3-ds and animations; Technical specifications; Cost/quantity estimates and rate analysis


Integrated development; Rural infrastructure development; Natural resource management; Community organization, extension, training and development

Our Team

With about 20 years of experience, we offer a unique blend of expertise as designers and consultants. We've been told this combination of talents distinctly supports our clients' needs. We believe our hands-on experience and knowledge of building systems are the foundation for the specialised services.

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Recent News & Updates

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