Traditional Facade with Modern Amenities

Traditional inspired courtyard planning offers opportunities for interactions that foster students' creative minds

The traditional inspired courtyard planning of the complex offers opportunities for interactions that foster students’ creative minds.
Interactive potentials via large glass curtain windows. Assimilation of sloped roofs and struts with modern cubes formed of horizontal and vertical concrete bands are a display of architectural harmony.
The building placement creates a dialogue between the physical forms. The forms are interspersed with social spaces, thus maintaining a human scale that is psychologically soothing for the occupants.

Additional Information
Date 2015 - Current
Built-up Area18040 sq.ft
CEDA team is highly motivated and committed. The design for our school’s new block was tremendously facilitated by the team’s professionalism and positive attitude, especially during the crisis faced since the earthquake. A wonderful group to work with, we highly recommend CEDA to anyone looking for the best quality services. "
Som Paneru, Ullens School