Beautiful Home to live in

Inspired by classical European architecture, while maintaining contemporary functionality

The residence for Mr. Nanda Kishore Mundara, a two and a half storey bungalow, located at Bhatbhateni, is built on 13690 sq ft. land. The building is inspired by classical European architecture while maintaining contemporary functionality, at the same time it includes some aspects of the local architecture of Kathmandu. Although eclectic in nature, the building performs as one holistic unit.

Additional Information
Date 2001 - 2004
Built-up Area11759 sq.ft
I am very pleased having Creative Design Architects team, led by Sher Bahadur K.C. ji, as the architects of my residence. They were very passionate and focused on every detail. I ended up with not just a building but a familial place to call home and raise my family! "
Nanda Kishore Mundara