CEDA’s interns from Kathmandu Engineering College Anisha Kunwar, Sonal Shrestha and Aayush Shrestha presented their professional work among CEDA’s architecture team on 11 March 2018. Students pursuing architecture under Institute of Engineering are mandated to spend at least 90 working days in architectural and engineering firms to learn about professional practice in Year IV Part I of Bachelor in Architecture. To CEDA, mentoring interns has been a tradition for over a decade. Currently, CEDA has five interns; two from Pulchowk Campus and three from Kathmandu Engineering College.

anu1All the three interns have worked on various projects ranging from residential to commercial, institutional, interiors, and landscaping, among others. They were also involved in preparing measure drawings of existing sites and design development of projects from inception. They have also assisted senior architects in large scale projects such as Department of Hydrology and Meteorology, White House College, Siddhartha Bank, Lemon Tree, Serai Chuli, etc. They were quite enthusiastic in learning design tools such as Photoshop, V Ray, Lumen, Revit, and others.


The informal presentation was organized so as to familiarize the senior architects with interns’ progress, and give feedback that will help them in front of jury in the final presentation.

We wish our interns best for their future endeavours.