CEDA hosted a presentation by Ananta Ram Baidya on 6 March 2017. Mr Baidya holds licensure from California and is a former visiting professor of Kathmandu University. Architects and engineers of CEDA participated in this 3-hour session that included the presentation followed by interaction between the presenter and participants.
During the presentation, Mr Baidya shed light on designing disabled friendly bathrooms, use of fixtures, and necessity of social inclusion for all people, whether disabled or non-disabled, while designing any space. He further talked about importance of building codes with the changing urban morphology to ensure not only beautiful spaces but also safer buildings and neighbourhoods are built. As a practitioner and a former academician, Baidya shared his anecdotes that are crucial to design practice.
Further discussing the challenges and loopholes in professional practice, Baidya highlighted that it was the responsibility of young architects and engineers to produce responsible designs to build a better future.