With the aim to have discussions on ongoing projects and other interesting topics, CEDA organizes regular in-house presentations. The latest one in this series was a presentation by our very own Simal Shrestha, on the journey of designing the new complex of Advanced College of Engineering at Kupondole. The conceptualization of the complex and the design updates until now were presented and further discussed. This led to further contemplation on the structural implications of the design as well as to a brainstorming on what the complex can provide its users – primarily the students.

The discussion presented an invaluable opportunity to rethink, reevaluate and refocus on issues, both structural and spatial, with a large group of professionals from within the CEDA family, learning from each other’s experiences. Besides a platform to brainstorm, the presentation was also a way to ensure that members of CEDA family not involved in this project are introduced to it and provide their comments and feedback. The presentation in itself was an important stage in the design development of the project.

CEDA intends to continue such presentations and in-house brainstorming sessions to continually develop its potential in its quest to provide its clients (and projects) with the best of results.