On 9 March 2016, Nikisha Prahdan and Sajan Raj Manandhar of Kathmandu Engineering College, currently doing their practicum/ internship at CEDA, presented their work to the team of CEDA. Practicum is an academic requirement whereby architectural students spend a minimum of 90 working days involved in practical projects work under practicing architects. Nikisha and Sajan joined CEDA on 28 October 2015 and will be continuing their training until the end of March. During this phase they have both worked on several projects ranging from interiors to residential, commercial, institutional and landscaping.

One of the main aim of the practicum training is for the students to learn the practical implications of working in the field. During this period both Nikisha and Sajan have been involved in various types of works associated with architectural practice, be it preparing measure drawings, concept development, site visits, use of different software or preparing detailed working drawings.

At the presentation both Nikisha and Sajan discussed what they have worked on since joining CEDA and explored the differences between academic learning and practical learning. Most importantly they reflected on the lessons they have learnt during their work and the implications these lessons have for their academic and professional future.

The team of CEDA shall evaluate both the interns as per the academic criterion of their college. Besides an opportunity for the team of CEDA to interact with the interns, understand their works and give them advise, this presentation was also a part of the evaluation for the interns. The presentations were judged by a six member jury including Ar. Sher Bahadur K.C., several members of CEDA team as well as one external juror – Ar. Kalpana Bhandari. Now, as the interns prepare to work on their academic reports and get back to their classes, we wish them the very best in their endeavors.